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DANCEHAUSmore is the National Dance Production Center based in Milan founded in 2011 from the desire to increase and unify the objectives and skills of three consolidated companies in the sector:_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_Dance House Susanna Beltrami, L'ContART Association directed by Matthew Bittante and theArtedanza AssociationE20 directed by Annamaria Onetti.

Since 2015, the Center has received grants for its promotion and public education activities from the Municipality of Milan, the Lombardy Region and the MIC, which in 2018 recognized it as a Production Center, the fourth in Italy.

The DANCEHAUSpiù project is supported for the three-year period 2022-2024 by the MIC, the Municipality of Milan and the Lombardy Region.

TodayDANCEHAUSmoreplays an important role nationally in thedevelopment of contemporary dance, supporting and hosting productions, programs ofresidence,networknational and international eshowcasechoreographic as theEXISTER FESTIVAL.

The Center supports the production, promotion and presentation of the works ofresident companies:SUSANNA BELTRAMI COMPANY,DANCEHAUS COMPANYAndDANCEHAUS COMPANY JUNIOR, made up of dancers graduated from the DanceHaus Academies. Furthermore, through co-productions, it supports nationally and internationally theAssociated Artists,Erika Silgoner / ESKLAN,Paula Lattanzi,Peter Marullo,Annali Rainoldi, and supports the younger generation of artists and choreographersduo nux,Franchina|Leo,Vidave,Julia Minds,Michelle Priuli.

Every year we carry out an integrated project that involves the production and hosting of shows, choreographic show formats, seminars and workshops and, in line with the cultural trends of the moment, transversal experiences such as the artistic residencies of young companies, the conjugation with design and fashion, the link with universities and the territory, the creation of networks at national and international level.

This open project andmultidisciplinary, inspired by the French Choreographic Centers and the European Houses of Dance, intends to give voice to different artistic experiences connected to the language of dance and other media, to catalyze new collaborations with cultural and social subjects, to become an incubator ofinnovative projectsdedicated toyoung choreographyand continue to take targeted action to engage andtrain the public.

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