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Susanna Beltrami

The name of Susanna Beltrami appears in the panorama of Italian dance already in 1986, when returning fromMerchandise Cunningham Foundation of New York, ranks among the major choreographers who mark an important new beginning for contemporary dance in Italy.


He receives immediately teaching and management roles in the most important dance training centers in northern Italy, and at the same time proves to be a pioneer of modern and contemporary dance in Italy through itsinnovative choreographic work, always open to experimentation and contamination between different artistic worlds. 

After intenseartistic collaborations with musicians, sound designers and important Italian directors such as Maurizio Scaparro, Giorgio Albertazzi and Andrée Ruth Shammah, in 1998 he created the Compagnia Pier Lombardo Danza together with the étoile Luciana Savignano – todaySusanna Beltrami Company – based in Milan and recognized by the Ministry of Entertainment.

He has been directing since 2006Susanna Beltrami Academy, a path of excellence for dance training, and the founding nucleus of the "house of dance" DanceHaus Susanna Beltrami, inaugurated in 2009, the year in which the choreographer is simultaneously involved in the RAI DUE talent show "Italian Academy".


DanceHaus Susanna Beltrami is today considered a real dance community, a hotbed of arts and crafts andinternational point of reference for young dance artists and creatives who here have the opportunity to experiment, compare and specialize in astimulating context, in line with the cultural and artistic trends of the moment. 


Since 2018 she has been co-director ofNational Dance Production Center, DANCEHAUSmore. 

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