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The Legislative Decree n. 33 of 14 March 2013 reorganized the obligations of publicity, transparency and dissemination of information by public administrations and private law bodies whose activity is financed by public administrations. This page collects the information which is expected to be published, in the format indicated by the decree.

The entire section is dedicated to free consultation by citizens of information regarding the organization and activity of the institution, which can be consulted directly, without any need to be identified via username and password. The information published is continuously updated according to the provisions of the Legislative Decree. n. 33 of 14 March 2013 and subsequent updates.

General provisions

Last update on 07.17.2023

Balance sheets

Last update on 07.17.2023

ISO certification

Last update on 07.17.2023

Public contributions

Ultimo aggiornamento del 17.07.2023

Controls and surveys

Last update on 07.17.2023

Services provided

Last update on 07.17.2023

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