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Studenti DanceHaus

Dancehaus presents itself as a crossroads of choreographers, teachers, students, artists and creatives who come from all over Europe, and thanks to the partnership withEurasia Dance Project, Worldwide. A true community, where students have the opportunity to find and cultivate personal and professional connections with many other people, all linked by the same passion and the same attitude to work.


DanceHaus supports its young male and female dancers from the first audition until graduation. Thanks to the presence of resident companies and the National Dance Production Center, we offer a smooth transition to the professional world.

Openness, sharing, belonging, but also fun and enthusiasm are just some of the characteristics present in our community which allows those who are part of it to express their creativity in a unique and comfortable context.


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EurAsia Students in DanceHaus con Stefano Fardelli.jpg

DanceHaus Susanna Beltrami isPartner of EurAsia Dance Project International Network, an international network that promotes cultural exchange between Europe and Asia. The project gives foreign students the opportunity to audition for the major European dance academies, without having to travel a long time to participate. Once selected, the students become part of the EurAsia International Network as EurAsia Students, which gives them the opportunity to be admitted to the partner academies with a scholarship. 

Thanks to this partnership, DanceHaus has hosted and trained young dancers from India, Iran, Senegal and Mexico in recent years. At the same time, DanceHaus students have the opportunity to be involved in the EurAsia Exchange, cultural exchange programs with Eurasia's partner academies.

EurAsia Dance Project is supported by the Italian Cultural Institute and the Italian Embassies in each of the countries in which it works through the EurAsia Partners. 

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